tiny deaths

‘night flowers’ EP out 2/19/16


tiny deaths, the moody, dream-pop brainchild of producer Grant Cutler and vocalist Claire de Lune, is poised to be the next breakout act from the musical mecca of Minneapolis. Cutler and de Lune’s styles are like yin and yang: Cutler coming from a background in heavily experimental electronica and ambient music, and de Lune’s resume filled with RnB. Together, Cutler’s booming bass and lush soundscapes and de Lune’s rich, soulful vocals unite to form a wholly alive and fresh take on a moody, dreamy, ethereal sound bringing to mind bands like Phantogram, Beach House, and Purity Ring.

After almost crossing paths time and time again, it was a chance meeting four years ago at a show Cutler’s band was playing in an underground art loft in Minneapolis’ warehouse district that began the symbiotic musical relationship that would become tiny deaths. “I stumbled upon the first song of their set and I was completely blown away,” de Lune recalls. “Grant’s style was just the kind of music I’ve been dying to make forever—I just didn’t know there was anyone in this city making it.”

An exchange of information and mutual admiration at that first chance encounter led to the sessions that would eventually become the group’s first self-titled EP, released in 2014. While Cutler had relocated to Brooklyn by the record’s completion, both members realized that they had created something special. ‘tiny deaths’ won over industry insiders and casual music fans alike, creating a snowballing buzz around the project that led to three U.S. tours in 2015 and numerous accolades. The two got to work immediately on their follow up EP, ‘night flowers,’ to be released in February 2016. The record maintains all the hallmarks of the duo’s sound, but shows substantial growth, a product of surmounting confidence in the unique space they occupy in the music world. Challenging yet accessible, veering into experimental with both feet planted firmly in pop sensibility, tiny deaths is continues to establish itself as one of the most promising things happening in indie pop.



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