Future Of What

Moonstruck EP out 6/26/12


Future of What began in Brooklyn in January of 2012, when Blair was looking to add some new bass and treble to her attack. She had moved up from New Orleans in ’09, had been playing around town under the name Blair, releasing her acclaimed LP, Die Young, in ’10. Toured on it in ’11 with drummer Seth, opening shows for bands like Neon Indian, Quasi, The Blow, Say Hi, and others. Blair met Sam (formerly of Chicago’s almost heroes The Narrator) at a party on a Sunday afternoon, and they made plans. Sam brought his friend Max to the practice space. The four played their first show in February, opening a sold-out Mirah show. In March they recorded an EP, Moonstruck, without using any electric guitars or cymbals. The songs are keyboard-driven but the record isn’t electropop or anything goofy like that—these are songs with a capital S. Now they’re playing more shows and writing more songs, heading albumwards by the end of the year. Keep it down or break it out.