Future Of What

Pro Dreams | Feat. Drake Records | January 13 2015


FUTURE OF WHAT is three individuals: Blair Gimma, Max Kotelchuck, and Sam Axelrod. The 10 songs that make up the band’s first full-length album, Pro Dreams, are sad and perfectly suited for this everyone-has-depression generation, but there’s also something bright and hopeful—even uplifting—about them. Singer Blair comes from the used-car lots and Catholic schools of southern Louisiana, where as a youth she was politely informed by her teachers that if she consorted with “Jews or fags” she would find herself on the first bus to hell. Apparently they meant Brooklyn, where she’s now living the gay life and playing in a band with two East Coast Jews. (New genre: Jewgays.)

The three spent upwards of a year recording Pro Dreams in seven studios across three boroughs (and one Massachusetts attic), almost murdering each other in the process. Thank Jeebus for Brian Thorn (Blonde Redhead, Smith Westerns, David Bowie), who had the foresight to get involved, and who went on to record and co-produce Pro Dreams. He would sneak them into coveted New York studios, often after hours, where in the daytime the likes of Bowie and Azealia Banks were laying down trax, leaving their printed-out lyrics and ghostvibes behind.

In a natural continuation from Blair’s 2010 solo debut, Die Young, much of the lyrical content on Pro Dreams was inspired by the death of her younger brother. Yes, but what is the album really “about”? Here’s a stab: living in the big city; unrequited love; what happens when love becomes requited; regret and friendship; lovers as friends; friends as lovers; Oberlin; Northampton; Marxism; capitalism; Hurricane Katrina; veganism; this ridiculous planet.

Fortunately, you can dance to it too. From the existential pop hit “The Rainbowed Air” to the knee-deep obsession of “Saving Private Rihanna,” from the long walk home of “Back to the City” to the teen-movie poignancy of “Sleeping Bag Dreams,” Pro Dreams is a versatile record to live inside. It’s for daytime and nighttime. It’s a makeout record and a breakup record. It’s headphone music for a walk or a train ride. It’s a getting-ready-for-work album as much as a getting-ready-to-go-out record. Casual enough to listen to while cleaning the house, yet emotional enough to die to. Ten songs, ten fuckin’ hits.

What’s a less corny way of saying Pro Dreams could be, slash will be, slash is the soundtrack to your 2015 and beyond?


FUTURE OF WHAT | Pro Dreams | Feat. Drake Records | January 13 2015


Side A                                                                                          Side B

1 The Rainbowed Air                                         Back To The City 6

2 Daydream 99                                                                    MLSBB 7

3 Saving Private Rihanna                                Double Thoughts 8

4 Call It Spring                                                    Party In Heaven 9

5 No War Dance Floor                             Sleeping Bag Dreams 10


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