Nathan Hewitt (CAN) – Vox/guitar

James Wignall (UK) – Vox/guitar/tapes/keyboards

Dean Reid (US) – Bass/vox/keyboards

Marc Raue (DE) – Drums/tapes/keyboards


Between their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and incendiary live shows, Cheatahs proved themselves to be one of the most exciting leftfield guitar bands to come out of the UK in recent years. The London-based band demonstrates their devotion to experimentation even further across their new album Mythologies, leaving behind their debut’s hazy, nostalgic world for an ambitious Technicolor universe in which motorik rhythms, garage and ambient punk flow seamlessly into one another.

Recorded over the past year, Mythologies takes its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth, which influenced the record along with such varied themes and inspirations as: Freudian ‘screen memory,’ the fluidity of recollection, meta-modernism, hospitalization on tour, syndicalism, dramatist Dennis Potter, Early music and neo-mysticism (to name a few).

According to the band, they “had no permanent base when making this record, and creating the record in so many varied locations undoubtedly influenced the album in a positive way. We felt very nomadic, and the sense of freedom inspired us to experiment as much as we wanted.”

In between festivals (including an acclaimed performance at this year’s Primavera Sound) and UK, European, and US tours supporting the first record, Cheatahs sought new inspiration by organizing gallery-based improvisational noise shows, which fed into the recording of the exploratory and transitional of the Sunne and Murasaki EPs, both released earlier this year.

In creating Mythologies, the band, as ever, self-produced, recording in a number of London studios, as well as in Glasgow (Chem 19, where Mogwai recorded Young Team) and in a converted church in the seaside town of Ramsgate. They eventually decamped to drummer Marc Raue’s shared studio-home, a monolithic high-rise building next to MI5 that overlooks the Thames (one floor above offices that housed anti-terrorist task forces in the 1960s), to complete the LP.


Mythologies will be released 10/30/15 via Wichita Recordings.


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